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We preset your children's ages to 12 years old – but if you enter their actual ages, you might be able to find a better price.

Bungalow/Chalet Price list 2021



In the Village prices are included: electricity, gas, hot water, kitchen utensil, shower WC, refrigerator, car parkplace, Bedlinen extra (Upon request). VAT 10%.

RESERVATION: min 1 week from saturday to saturday from 30/05 to 05/09 or from Sunday to Sunday from 31/05 to 06/09. In addition to the cost of the residential unit, the minimum price for two adults, 4 adults for the Mobilhomes Superstar and Supercomfort, is calculated.
DEPARTURES: morning before 10.00 a.m.
In Bungalow and Flat the animals are allowed only little size.

Scarpiland Camping Village

  Via A. Poerio 14 - 30013, Cavallino Treporti VE

  +39 041966488
  +39 041966488

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